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This is about a Greek Island Cruise. My name is Gregory Christeas. As an artist, I have been inspired my entire life by the natural beauty of Greece and the Greek Islands.  I live and paint on the beautiful Island Hydra and I wanted to endorse an amazing opportunity for you to experience this natural beauty of Greece for yourself, via a one day cruise.  Why a cruise?  First the cruise goes to 3 Greek Islands in one day. Second it will cost you a lot less then if you were to buy tickets to these islands individually but above all, the cruise line belongs to a childhood friend of mine.  As a fun bonus, mention his name “Mimis” to the cruise ship’s captain Nikos, you will get your picture taken at the helm next to the captain as well as a free drink for each of you compliments of my friend Mimis.   Wishing you the inspiration and excitement on your cruise that I have enjoyed on the wonderful Island of Hydra.  http://christeas.com


Posted February 18, 2011 by Crown Molding NJ in Art